The Grey Gold of Europe. 2on Mobility: Bremen


Minutes of the meeting from 16 – 19. 9. 2013 in Bremen

Exchange program “The Grey Gold of Europe”

. A-12 Estudis I Reverca Universitaria, Barcelona (Spain)

. Kocaeli il Egitim Müdürlügü – Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of National Education (Türkei)

. Haus der Zukunft Multigenerational house, Bremen

Monday 16.9.2013

3 pm

After a round of introductions was a short exchange about the activities since January.   At the presentation of the program some participants wanted to learn more about German education system. Unfortunately this suggestion could not be included in that short time.

5 pm

At the town hall of Bremen the group was greeted by the state Councilor for Federal an European Affairs an Inclusion, Mrs. Ulrike Hiller.

Afterwards we had a small tour of the city hall building

6 pm

The guided tour through the old town of Bremen was received with great interest. Unfortunately it was unusual cold that day so we broke off a little earlier and had dinner in a restaurant at the river Weser.

Tuesday, 17.9.2013

10.30 am

Walking through the Quarter – Social area

The tour took the participants to the elementary school of the neighborhood, the play house, bake house, art workshop and on the highest viewing point in the 14th floor.

11.30 am

The group got a short insight into the practical theater work in the house of the future. They experienced a practice session of theater work.

2 pm

Presentation of the concept and the work of multigenerational house, House of the Future.

Both, fulltime and volunteers described their work area, their practices, funding and promotion. A volunteer instructor gave a practical insight into the sports program for elderly. Subsequently the partners presented the work done so far and still work to be performed. The work of the partnership was then presented to a representative of the press. It was reported in the Weserkurier.

The day was concluded with a dinner in a Turkish restaurant.

Wednesday, 18. 9.2013

10 pm

Mrs. Schnell, head of the house in the quarter, led us through the house, talked about the history of the Bremer Home Foundation and the history and concept of the house. The house is a very good example for a retirement home in the middle of the city, with adjoining kindergarten, rooms of adult education center, restaurant, meeting rooms, meditation room, events and much more.

1 pm

After lunch in the “Fundamt” (house in the quarter) Mrs. Renate Kösling presented the community college. She is the head of the department “Education for older people”.

In her lecture she referred to the following topics

  • History of the community college as a municipal institurion
  • Emergence of the educational focus “Education for elder people”
  • Special learning preconditions of elderly
  • Life situation of older people today
  • Learning potential of older people from the perspective of brain research
  • Volunteerism

8 pm

Dinner at the Ethnological Museum – Restaurant “Übersee”. . Dr Jürgen Stein welcomed the participants on behalf of the Diakonische Werk and informed about the history and current importance of the work of the Diakonisches Werk as a Christian institution. The Turkish partners could find many parallels to Moslem goals.

Thursday, 19.9. 2013

10 pm

Evaluation of meeting.

The main interest of the delegates was to obtain information about projects of lifelong learning. This could be satisfied by the meeting. Even with the scope of the program the participants were satisfied. For more topics the time was not enough.

Critical remarks related mainly to the food, accommodation and transportation. In particular, a lot of Turkish guests found it difficult to adapt to the different environment.

After clarifying some organizational points the date of the meeting in Istanbul was set from 28th April to 2nd May 2014, and the meeting in Barcelona provided for 27th to 29th June.

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