The Grey Gold of Europe. 3rd Mobility: Kocaeli 28th march – 1st april 2014

Within the Grundtvig Learning Partnership “The GreyGold Of EU” titled Project which was applied in 2012 call proposals and grant agreement number 2012-1-TR1-GRU06-35922 1 project’s third international meeting was held in Kocaeli, Turkey hosted by the Project Coordinator, Directorate of National Education Kocaeli Province.
Project’s main aim; In line with the European Year of Active Ageing 2012, a consortium of European based organisations promoting the values and potential of older adults as the precious ‘Gold’ of Europe, to enable older adults in pre-retirement and those approaching early retirement period can learn how to care for themselves and each other as they get older and how to broaden their social contacts thus shifting from a sedentary lifestyle to more active and healthier one and also by making use of their experiences in this process. Three different institutions came together to share experience and observe the similarities and differences, they have chance to present the activities they did in their own countries.
In January,2013 the first meeting was heid in Barcelona, Spain hosted by A-12 Estudis i Recerca Interuniversitaria ndan then in September, 2013 the second meeting was held in Bremen, Germany hosted by Haus der Zukunft e.V.

At the 3rd International Meeting the activities done within the Active Aging in the partner countries presented in 3 working days. The meeting was started on the 28th of April 2014 after all the participants from two partners’ arrival to hotel from airport.
10 participants from A12 Estudis Recerca Interuniversitaria which is an adult training institution from Barcelona, Spain and 7 participants from Haus der Zukunft from Bremen, Germany worked about adult education in Kocaeli.

29th of April 2014 Tuesday morning the Project meeting was started by the Deputy Director of National Education Directorate of Kocaeli Province Hayati AYDIN’s welcome speech. All the partners presented their activities which they did in their own countries. Cooperative Works were presented since the beginning of the Project start.
Our New Director of Directorate of National Education of Kocaeli Province Fehmi Rasim Çelik attended the lunch at Emex Hotel and the presents were given by the partners.

At the same day afternoon session we visited İzmit Public Training Centre which is a part of our institution in the field of adult education, works related to project target group the partners had chance to know the Turkish culture including Ebru art, Soap making, traditional folk dances and music. The visit provides bridge between cultures by EU projects.

At İzmit Public Training Centre our partners met the learners of the centre and the deputy principal gave information about the adult education system in Turkey.
The Grey Gold of EU Project’s 3rd International meeting was continued on the second day by filling the questionaires of meeting evaluation in the first session. Then the activities which will be done in the project future was discussed. And also the final meeting in Barcelona was planned at
Emex Hotel meeting room.
Our guests had the opportunity to observe the activities done by adults, trainees of KOMEK which is a vocational education training centre of Kocaeli Municipality at KOMEK exhibition.

The GreyGold of EU project which promoted the works related to being active while getting older, active ageing, healthy ageing and lifelong learning, had an experience sharing workshop on doing Yoga which is also related to the project activities. The participants had a great chance to take part in this workshop.
Project activities continued to be done in Kandıra. Kandıra Public Training Centre was visited to observe the activities done within the adult education. They have chance to see the beautiful view of Kandıra, Kefken, Kerpe.

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